Decorating for Halloween

Now we have picked our pumpkins I decided to decorate ready for Halloween. I’ll share below where I got most of my decorations. My sons particular like the mini ghost and pumpkin plants.

As per my pumpkin picking post yesterday firstly I had to display the 5 lovely pumpkins we bought outside my front door.

Then you need the house to smell like Halloween. The candles are from TK Maxx who always have the best variants of pumpkin scented candles.

I did also find some on Amazon:

The door wreath is directly from Amazon. I have made them in previous years when they were less popular to buy in the UK. Now however it’s actually cheaper to buy them pre-made.

The orange flowers are some artificial flowers I get out every year in Autumn. This year I added some pine cones (actually from my garden but you can buy them, normally in the Christmas section) and some mini pumpkins.

The Boo pumpkin was from TK Maxx and the hamper from the amazing Halloween section at Fortnum & Mason. The hamper included green witches’ hot chocolate and spooky sweets. I now use it as a container to store Halloween decorations, but I thought it looked fab filled with mini pumpkins.

The mini pumpkin and ghosts were from Home Bargains in the UK.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to decorate 🙂


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