Pumpkin picking

I had to share what we did this weekend. Not only because it was super fun but we got really lucky with the photos strangers very kindly took of us. I had to share them.

We visited a local farm called Wrampoolpumpkinpatch which had a large field of pumpkins to pick; plenty of cute photo spots and other spooky items to buy such a Halloween themed sweets.

We picked out 5 pumpkins of different colours and sizes and loaded them into our wheel barrow. My boys adored not only pushing the barrow but sitting in and being wheeled around the field. My eldest bit Max loves all forms of vehicles so also really enjoyed sitting in the tractor that had set up to have photos taken on.

I haven’t decided whether we are going to carve the pumpkins yet or just leave them as a fab display outside our house. I have however just finished decorating our house for Halloween so I’ll be sharing that shortly.

Happy Pumpkin picking everyone!



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