Organising my desk drawers ‘Home Edit’ style

I finally decided to try the tips; tricks and products as recommended on the ‘Home Edit’ TV show/Instagram. I’ve been following the ladies for years on social media and often pour over the images of newly styled pantries and closets from celebrities in America. Their efficiency and style is incredibly impressive, as is their work ethic. I believe you can buy the actual ‘Home Edit’ drawer and organisational inserts in ‘Walmart’ and over here in the UK in ‘John Lewis’. I decided instead, mainly due to cost to order some very similar ones from Amazon and set about organising my desk drawers.

I started by taking everything out of every draw and throwing away/recycling anything broken, worn out or hasn’t been used for a very long time. I then put everything into categories to gain a scale of what I had to organise. I had a pile of different types of pens, nail polishes and various other miscellaneous items.

The next thing to do is to lay out your draw organisers and play a game of Tetris to most efficiently fit them into each drawer.

Then based on the quantity of each item I had I put them in the containers and just played around until they fitted the best.

‘Home edit’ is all about form and function. I think I cracked the function but I had to do some work to make the colours work well together to meet the form element. I do love a good rainbow 🙂

My recommended Amazon organisers:


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