My keto shopping list

As per my blog yesterday I’ve set out on January keto diet which is something I do annually. I’d bought all the usual staples like meat; cheese and eggs but then browning YouTube I was shocked at how popular this diet has become and how much information there is now out there. I’ve picked up some recipes I now want to try including the new bullet coffee so I’ll be sharing these on the blog as I go.

As I was filling my shopping basket for a good online weekly shop I thought I’d share what I’ve put in from a keto perspective and some of the items I’ve ordered online too.

Shopping list:



Block cheddar cheese


Green tea

Pork scratchings (

Frozen spinach

Frozen broccoli

Chicken breasts


Frozen cod


Mixed nuts

Whole chicken



Additional online items:

Keto urine testing strips (

Mct oil (

Zero carb tomato ketchup (

Zero carb butterscotch syrup (

Liquid stevia (

Almond flour (

Sugar free jelly (

I’d really appreciate some of your thoughts on these items and whether there are some items I really should try out.


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