Testing Microwave Angry Mama (easy cleaner)


The cutest new accessory to join our kitchen this week is Angry Mama which is a microwave cleaning tool that makes cleaning your microwave actually fun. It’s absolutely a gimmick but if anything encourages me to clean anything in my life I will take it.

So you take her head off… yes I did say that, take her head off. Well technically it’s her hair actually and you fill her body with part water and vinegar and pop her in a dirty microwave. You can leave  the the glass plate underneath.

Set the microwave on full for 2 minutes. Being super careful to pick her up by the arms (as she is full of very hot water) you take her out and the steam and vinegar has made the dirty loosen so you can wipe it away easier. Feel free to repeat it if it’s not 100% loose.

Now I do realise you can do this with a cup but trust me I’ve enjoyed using this so much I’ve cleaned my microwave twice this month. That has to be good.

You can buy one from Amazon:



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