Potato print wrapping paper

Is it just me or do you hate spending money of wrapping paper? I mean it’s lovely stuff but bearing in mind most people just tear it and throw it straight in the bin it seems really wasteful. I’m not the most eco-conscious person in the world but even I feel bad about this even if you do recycle it.

So what I tend to do is buy a really big roll of brown wrapping paper (https://amzn.to/3VmW39n). You can leave it there if you like! Just a add a pretty bow or a ribbon and it looks simple and classy. If you want to jazz it up feel free to add stickers for kids or do what I do and add some really retro potato prints decorations.

Simply grab a fairly fresh potato and slide in half. Go to cupboard and pull out whatever cutters you happen to have. I had some nice stars that I use at Christmas for mince pies. You can also (carefully) grab a knife and carve whatever design you like. Dry off the potato and pour some paint into a dish so it creates a shallow dipping area.

Layout the paper on a big table or even to a wall if you paint isn’t very drippy. Secure with tape so it doesn’t roll up. Then taking a small dip of paint press the potato on the paint and then the paper. I recommend testing on some normal scrap paper or newspaper if you have it first to learn how much paint gives you the best looking impression you like.

Make wrapping paper Make wrapping paper


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