​Pretty Garden Bunting (Fast method)

I love bunting and have bought and made lots over the past over the past few years. I’ve got it down to an art form of making it quickly and cheaply.  You can spend a fortune now for such a simple item.
– Scraps of pretty material
– Wonderweb (magic iron on tape)
– Long piece of ribbon or elastic
– Iron or even hair straighteners
– Scissors
1. Folder your material in half and iron/flat iron so there is a crease
2. Cut into triangle shapes leaving the crease at the top of the triangle (so the ribbon/elastic can be thread through it)
3. Cut a square and a triangle of iron on tape and iron onto the inside of one of the triangles
4. Peel off the other side and place the triangle at the point of the ribbon/elastic you want it and folder the other half over. Iron over to stick together
5. Repeat until you have the length of bunting you need
6. If you fabric frays a lot you can hem in the edges either with iron on tape; sew or even use pinking shears (the serrated edge scissors) to make neat
You can use pretty much any fabric you like. A nice touch for outdoor bunting is to use oil cloth as it’s waterproof but to be honest I’ve had lots of normal fabric out in all weathers and it looks great for an entire year.

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