Everdine Review

So in my usual style of trying to eat better (than takeaways!) when i come home from work really tired I found an advert in Woman’s Health magazine for a company called Everdine.

Their concept is clean eating; delivered efficiently that you can prepare quickly. As a new member you can grab a code from an existing member (my is MELANIE2) if you want to try it cheaply. I paid under £25 for 8 meals. Compared to other companies there’s a really big range to choose from so myself and my other half chose different ones so we could get a really good sample.

I picked the duck; mushroom pasta and the other half got the beef and some lovely looking burritos.


Note the little stars we put on to remember who had chosen what. I’d recommend an enhancement Everdine could do is let you mark you choices online so they do that for you but it’s a nice to have addition.

When they arrive the box was well designed and items such as your menu are beautifully designed using high quality ingredients. Small point which may just be to do with the courier but our box was damaged so they had taped it up which is normally fine but with food parcels it always makes me feel uneasy.

The box and packaging are like other companies recyclable in every way so that’s not only great from an environmental standpoint but also for people like me who have a tint standard bin now!

The boxes the food comes in is well done and professional looking. I neatly stacked our boxes in the fridge ready for the busy week ahead at work.


Monday night came and I pulled out our first two favorite dishes. They are predominantly microwaveable although the odd one required/had elements of preferring oven cooking. When I started to read the cooking instructions i realised there were sometimes options to cook from chilled and sometimes frozen. Arghh I didn’t realise (and should have from the excellent expiry dates on the packing which were way in the future) I should have stored them all in the freezer. I figured I’d be ok if I cooked them all this week but sometimes there were only from frozen instructions.

My favourite dish is the mushroom pasta . Overall the portions were generous and all meals were full of vegetables and clearly lots of vitamins and healthy ingredients.


Will I order more.. the answer I’m afraid is no for two main reasons. The first is that I think my palette is too used to poor food so I prefer more fatty; salty dishes so eating this clean every day of the week would drive me crazy but some people will absolutely love this. Also, the price after the promotion goes up significantly to around £40-50 a week. my issue is that the nights I want a takeaway or just a piece of toast I’ll feel really guilty, however saying that if you freeze these they definitely seem to last a long time so maybe that’s the best way forward. Also, I really do enjoy cooking and the complete lack of preparation which some people would love really didn’t work for me every day.




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