Molly Moo Cat

Introducing Molly Moo Cat

I am starting some crafts and recipes this week for my cat…. I did say that, for my cat. What you need to understand is Molly; Molly Moo Cat; aka Mollywobbles is the most pampered Cat in the Universe.


I’ll give you an example. This weekend was super sunny and for England you get this type of nice weather maybe a few weekends a year so you have to take advantage of them. So what did I do…. Yes, myself and my lovely other half went for a walk in the park ; fed the ducks and stopped to grab some lunch in sunshine but I also set up a paddling pool. Not a cat specific pool but a small child’s pool filled with cold water. I have no delusions that a cat will merrily jump in water and swim away (or actually if watch some amazing Youtube videos you learn this isn’t necessarily true) but I just like her to stay hydrated in the heat. Molly beautifully obliges and immediately drinks like a fish from the pool.


Molly is super special in the weirdest kinds of way. Firstly she doesn’t really like other cats and it has been my suspicion since she was a kitten that she actually thinks she is a human. When I first got her she was abandoned and incredibly nervous so she wouldn’t go outside, not that she could for her few weeks as I lived in an apartment. When eventually she got the chance to go outside she would only go to the end of garden and even now she runs around the house as I will only let her out of the back of office right around the block and the mews at the front door, not realising she can walk back the way she came. Crazy cat.

She also has her own bed and I don’t mean a cat bed, a human bed. A full day bed from Ikea placed in the dining room. She uses it to be in an artfully high position, as most cats enjoy.

So please forgive me if I post a lot about Molly Moo but do understand that she is ridiculously important to me. I do a lot of crazy things for her so I figured I might as well add them to the blog. Crafts planned this week are to make pom poms and build new house for her.


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