Mosaic Table

Mosaic Table

As I suspected I had some left over mosaic tiles from when I started making my mosaic plant pots so I started covering everything!

I ordered some more tiles and more glittery grout from eBay ( and went hunting around the house for something more significant to cover and I found an old glass table with a metal base in the garage. I think it was in the house before I bought it but it was quite dated and I didn’t really love it. I went searching online and bought some glue that would stick to glass. I found this article from Hobby Craft ( on different glue types which you might find useful.

Click to access how-to-which-glue.pdf

From everything I’d read you are meant to place all your tiles out before you start to make sure you have enough and the pattern works but I had so many tiles I just went for it. I stuck my favourite mirrored tiles in the centre and they were slightly raised so seemed a better place on a table if you are going to attempt to balance a glass of wine on it later in the year!

Then in waves I added more glue and stuck the tiles down in a circular fashion. It takes quite a while so don’t add too much glue at a time as it will dry and prepare to do it in two sittings unless you have a whole Sunday afternoon free.

Once dry and like I did with the mosaic plant pots mix your grout with some water so it’s the consistently of toothpaste and smooth over the tiles. Everyone recommends using sponges to really push the grout in but I used a paint brush and did it in two waves drying in the middle.

Don’t let the grout dry too much on top of the tiles and wipe off with damp kitchen roll after about 10 minutes or it’s really difficult to scrape off later. Once completely dry use some glass cleaner to really shine it up and voila…summer wine table!




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