Mosaic Plant Pots

I love gardening but I’m really surprised that there aren’t many pretty plant pots out there in the market. There are lots of plastic or metal ones but they often don’t have drainage holes in the bottom or rust as they get wet so these have never made any sense to me!

I adore therefore traditional terracotta plant pots. They look great as they are especially of they’ve aged a while but even more so if you pretty them up. Now I will caveat this with my mistakes I’ve made so please don’t make the same ones… For example do not use non-waterproof paint if you are putting them outside or don’t get carried away and paint the inside as the compost/soil and water tend to mix and can poison your plants.

Keep it simple and just use some acrylic or outdoor spray paints you can get from my hardware stores. You can spots; stripes, whatever you like really. I tend to keep them quite plain though.

I prefer to add mosaic tiles to the rim of my plant pots. The easiest way to do this is to buy a kit online ( for mosaics or you can now buy online loose bags of craft mosaic tiles and the grout separate. I like the grout that has glitter in (see the header picture of this blog) as it limage1ooks great in the sun. Material costs less a few pounds and you can do as many old pots as you like.

Simply grab some glue and stick each tile on the pot with a little 2mm or so space between each one. Don’t be too precious or straight as it all adds to the look. Once dry mix your grout with a bit of water and apply with a paint brush. Once it starts to dry which will only be about 10 minutes use a damp cloth or kitchen roll and wipe away the excess dry grout on the tiles. If you don’t do this it’s so much more difficult to get it off later. Once completely dry repeat the process! You will now have left over tiles so you’ll find yourself covering everything. Coasters are quite a cool object to cover e.g (

in this example the flowers I used came from a dried flower gift I had which I wasn’t a major fan of the red roses in it so I grabbed some gardening shears and snipped off the fake flowers I liked and simply stuffed them tightly in the pot.


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